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                    About Us

                    Founded in 1995,the predecessor of BAOERMA Electrical  Group Co.,Ltd. is Ningbo BAOERMA Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.It mainly produces washing machine,electric fan,air—conditioner fan,heater series.It integrates the product research,development,anufacture,art supply,international trade,arket sale service tracking into one.It endeavors to be an excellent electric appliance supplier in the world .The company is located in Fuhai town,Cixi,Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province,China.It has been reputed as“The Hometown of Electrical Appliance”,"The Hometown of Flowers and Plants”,"One of Three Famous Manufacture Bases of Small Electrical Appliances in China”.It is one of the most famous local leading manufacture enterprises of electrical home appliance.

                    Over the past 20 years,the concept of independent innovation has been deep—footed in the minds of “BAOERMA” people.BAOERMA Electrical Appliance has been  with infinite brand glamour of“The Famous Trademark in China”by the excellent pioneering team,long history of professional electrical home appliance manufacture,advanced industrial design ideas,high product quality,perfect after—sale service... ...

                    High quality creates a famous brand.A reputable brand opens up a big market.It passes IS09001:2008.Quality Supervision System Certification,China Quality Certification Center 3C Certification,CE,GS,EMC,CB Products International Certifications etc. It symbolizes the trustworthy product quality of“BAOERMA” electrical appliance. The product sales networks are wide—spreading in over 20 domestic provinces and cities. It successfully explores to the international markets such as Europe,Japan,Korea,the Middle East,Southeast Asia,America etc.It furthermore witnesses the Pioneering spirits of BAOERMA people.They aim high and never halt their advancing steps.

                    "Developing&innovative credit-centered”is the enterprise spirits of BAOERMA Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd

                    "Quality innovation,quality first”is quality principle of BAOERMA Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd

                    "Nothing largest,only the best”is the unremitting pursuit of BAOERMA Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd

                    BAOERMA forever gallops away in the field of electrical home appliance industry!

                    BAOERMA Electrical Appliance will greet the wind,gallop on spindly legs to brave forward.It goes to every corner of the world… …

                    86-574-5858 2006
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